Anonymous said: you should play them, also, is there any other way to talk w/ you? (IM/Email)

I will eventually! I remember starting IV with some friends last year but we didn’t get very far, hah.

Ah, and about IM/Email: Even though I can’t keep up with them AT ALL maybe you could send me yours first??? I’d have no trouble sharing that information with people I know to some extent but I’m not keen on the idea of just announcing them publicly. I hope you understand

Anonymous said: Did you ever play Fatal Frame?

Yeah! A little??

Back when I didn’t even own a PS2 I was (somehow) pretty into Fatal Frame II. A few years later my dreams finally came true and I actually got to play it. It was pretty good!

(I keep thinking how I should try the other titles but I can’t really handle high levels of 2spooky, oops)